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RG2000 Successional Electromagnetic Induction Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine
  • Continuous induction Sealing Machine utilizes electromagnetic principle, producing instant high heat, which can melt and seal an aluminum foil to a bunghole.
  • It features excellent wet-proof, fungus-proof and imitation-proof and an extension of preservation cycle.
  • The materials of Bottles are available from PE, PP, PET, PS, ABS and glass etc. It can¡¯t be used at metal bottle body and bottle cap. The equipment can coordinate with tinplate of bottle collecting machine and aluminum foil check meter.
Item Parameter
Productive capacity 80-200Bottles / min£¨exampling PE plastic bottle of 60-100ml£©
Sealing diameters ¦µ16-60mm£¨The size above it could be made to order£©
Transmission speed 2.4-12m/min£¨custom design is available with a top of 20£©
Vessel height 30-260mm
Electricity Supply 220V/50HZ
Power 2000w(adjustable)
Weight 90Kg£¨main engine£© 80£¨conveyor£©
Dimensions 450¡Á600¡Á1200mm(main engine) 1800¡Á450¡Á1200(conveyor)
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