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RG500 Hand Sealing Machine
  • The Model RG500I is a hand-held electromagneticĘCinduction heating apparatus, specializing for the aluminum foil sealing of containers in pharmaceutics, chemical industry, pesticide, foodstuffs, cosmetics and light industry. Containers made of various materials are sealable.
  • With small size, light weight, easy operation and a sealing head in the dia. of 60mm, it is suitable for low-volume production and operation in labs.
  • The machine operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction: The aluminum foil on the bottle top is highly heated instantaneously and melted so that the bottle mouth is closely wrapped and sealed.
  • The sealing is damp-proof, mould-proof, forgery-proof and theft-proof and prolongs goods storage time.
  • The containers sealable can be made of PE, PP, PS, PET, ABS, glass, porcelain etc. but not metal.
  • With Japaní»s latest modular power devices adopted, it is more economized in power and 20~30 times quicker in instantaneous heating than conventional vacuum tube-induced heaters, its heating efficiency being up to more than 90%.
Item Parameter
Power output 500W
Operating frequency 100KHz í└5%
Sealing dia. ŽÁ10-ŽÁ60mm
Sealable container height Not limited
Sealing speed 1 sec. for a ŽÁ35mm bottle mouth
Time adj Displayed by 2-digit LED nixie tubes, 0.1-2.9 sec
Operating form Auto controlled and at intervals
Power Single-phased, AC220Ví└10% 50Hzú╗110Ví└10% 60Hz
Dimensions Cabinet: 264í┴270í┴98mm úĘLí┴Wí┴Húę
Weight 4kg
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