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ZB3A Stainless Steel Eccentricity Shaft Pump
  • Every (material) contact the spot with the medium, uses the stainless steel manufacture (material quality SUS304, AISI316, 316L) conforms to the hygienic standard completely.
  • Transports the high viscosity, the density and contains the pellet the medium (material)
  • Ití»s suitable the temperature -30íŠ to + 180íŠ
  • The pressure is high, ití»s suitable for the long distance and the high resistance quota transportation.
  • Rotational speed low, in 200rpm to 600rpm between, maintains the original quality after its transportation material to be invariable generally, any physics and chemistry response.
  • Between the rotor and the rotor certainly does not have the contact, the long-term use also does not have wears, revolution steady and low noise.
  • Easy disassembling and cleaning.
  • Applicable scope:
  • Dairy product: Yogurt, fresh cream, ice cream, cheese block and whey.
  • Drink: Beer, malt, yeast, soft drink, fruit concentrated solution, fruit punch.
  • Food: the ketchup, the fruit putty, the vegetables stick, the pudding, the jam, the fruit jelly, blend flavors the medicinal preparation, the fruit stuffing, the sweet flavorings, the yeast putty, the salad seasoning, the facial color cakes and pastries, the hash, the hashed meat, the net oil and the cooking oil.
  • Candy: syrup, thin cream stuffing, chocolate.
  • Cosmetics: face cream and cleaning solution, hairstyle gelatin, hair dye, fragrant volatile oil.
  • Drugs: the pill sticks, extracts, the emulsion, the medicinal extract.
  • Chemical industry class: fat, solvent, resin and polymer, dye.
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