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RGPM2000 Ink Jet Printer
  • RGPM inner pump small character Ink Jet Printer adopt inner pump closed-circuit ink drive system, resist exterior execrable condition pollution toward ink. The filter of whole ink pathway circle system all use imported products and assure ink clear, solve the ubiquitous question of jamming spray-mouth. In spray-code industry RGPM can spray-print three lines Chinese and English numbers on-line, the speed approach the foreign congener imported products level. The max lattice array 244, with the function of editing picture and letters automatically. It can spray-print all kinds of high clear text and drawings.
  • Its function is continuous/time-lapse spray-print, Real-time clock spray-print.
  • Big capacity international stair and an bipolar character database, total 7500 Chinese
  • There are several kinds of standard connection: Synchronization spindle coder, fiber-optic sensor and RS232 communication port.
Item Parameter
Model RGPM2000
Working voltage 220V10%AC50HZ
Working environment 5-45
Environment temperature 30-95%RH
Power supply requirement Inner placed
Outer and size 400270525mm
Spray-head size 3434155mm
Lattice Spec. 5779161616242424
Printing Lines Arbitrarily choose 1, 2 and 3 lines (Can spray-print three lines Chinese and English numbers on-line.)
Letter Form Height 1.2mm-12mm
Printing Speed 7m/s57
Weight 18KG
Carton volume Stainless steel (whole sealed)
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